Seminar Series

BPPA Seminar Series 2022

For the second year in a row, we are delighted to present the BPPA Seminar Series.  The 2022 edition will run every Friday 4-5pm (GMT) from May 13th-July 8th.

A philosophy grad student from a British or Irish university will present their research at each seminar, and a discussion with the attendants will follow. We want it to be an inclusive, supportive space in which ideas, arguments and views surrounding the topic of the talk are shared and debated. The aim is that not only the presenter will benefit from the session—all participants should!

If you would like to attend, please sign up hereYou will receive a Zoom link on the eve of every session. 

Seminar Series – Programme

13th May Zach Freig (Cambridge): Political Realism, Logical Methods and Substantive Force

20th May Megan Drury (Nottingham): As a Woman: The Need for Hermeneutical Resources and Epistemic Justice within the Transgender* and BDSM Communities

27th May Taylor Matthews (Nottingham): Why Skill Matters in Vice Epistemology

3rd June Daniel Kim (York): Perceiving time on the horizon

10th June Augusta-Mary Yewande Joseph (Birkbeck – University of London): For the Many of the Few? Constructing Identity in a System of Otherness

17th June Marta Dmuchowska (University College Dublin): On the ‘sides’ of properties

24th June Francisca Silva (St Andrews): The mental state of considering a question

1st July Hermann Koerner (Oxford): Plato’s Function Argument in Republic Book I: An Analysis and Defense

8th July Aditya Jha (Cambridge): Not So Distinctively Mathematical Explanations: Topology and Dynamics Systems