QUB Philosophy Seminar Series

Queen’s University Belfast will soon be commencing the 2022-2023 autumn edition of its Philosophy Seminar Series. The series features a variety of talks on a wide range of topics from the whole philosophical spectrum. We encourage everyone to attend—most of the events will be online, so they can be accessed from anywhere! Attendance is open to all. For more information, as well as for the Microsoft Teams link for the different talks, email Suzanne Whitten (suzanne.whitten@qub.ac.uk).


We include a lineup of the talks, as well as information on which of them are online:


28th September Oisín Keohane (University of Dundee) ‘Pardon my ‘Anglossolalia’: Derrida on Forgiveness and the South African TRC’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

5th October Matt Jope (University of Edinburgh) ‘Evidentialism and Non-evidentialism for Rational Trust’ (4pm, 13 University Square/0G/010)

12th October Emilia Wilson (University of St. Andrews) ‘Mis-Interpretive Resources and Epistemic Corrosion’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

19th October Anneli Jefferson (University of Cardiff)Blaming the Dead’ (3pm, 27 University Square/01/003)

26th October Mark Alfano (Macquarie University) ‘Having a Sense of Humor as a Virtue’ (11am, Microsoft Teams)

2nd November READING WEEK

9th November Robin McKenna (University of Liverpool) ‘The New Scepticism’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

16th November Matilda Carter (University of Glasgow) ‘The Person as Environmentally Integrated’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

23rd November Dan Dagerman (University of Bristol) ‘Silent emotions and affective injustice’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

30th November Margaret Steele (University College Cork) ‘Obesity is a Disease (But Not the One You Think)’ (3pm, Microsoft Teams)

7th December Jeremy Watkins (Queen’s University Belfast)The Doctrine of Doing and Allowing as the Basis for Corrective Justice’ (3pm, 27 University Square/01/003)