The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association supports postgraduates at local Philosophy departments across the UK to host a masterclass each year. The aim of the BPPA masterclasses is to bring postgraduates and professional academic philosophers together to engage in focused work on a particular philosophical topic.

Upcoming Masterclass

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Up to 25 postgraudates whose work involves addressing or responding to microaggressions will be invited to participate.

Selected participants will give brief presentations on their work and the theme of addressing and repairing microaggressions. Following the presentations, we will have an open and enriching discussion with our participants and mentors, Professor Alessandra Tansini and Professor Alison Phipps.

Deadline for expressions of interest is 28 February, 2021.

The participants selected as panelists will each give a 7-10 minute talk introducing their research and the questions they are working on addressing. Our mentors will then open and host a round table discussion with the panelists and participants on the themes introduced.

A key feature of the event is the opportunity for postgrads to network, so participants will have the option of moving into breakout rooms for side conversations and more in depth discussion. The structured event will run from 2-4 pm UTC, with breakout rooms remaining available until 6pm.

You can find more information here.

Previous Masterclasses

  • Conceptual Engineering and Its Consequences in Society (Prof. Rachel Sterken; Dr. Patrick Greenough; Dr. Mona Simion; Dr. Kevin Scharp)

  • Naturalism and Epistemology (Prof. David Papineau)

  • Modality and the A Priori/A Posteriori Distinction (Prof. Timothy Williamson)

  • Normative Ethics (Prof. Brad Hooker)

  • Wittgenstein’s Method(s) Early and Late (Prof. Marie McGinn & Dr. Oskari Kuusela)