Executive Committee

With a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our team of postgraduates is the backbone of the British and Irish Postgraduate Philosophy Association. The BIPPA’s Executive Committee works to support postgraduate students in philosophy across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and their ideas help to shape and orient the mission and direction of the organization as it continues to develop.


Pablo Dopico (he/him): I’m an MPhilStud student at King’s College London, working on Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics — in particular, I study whether mathematics is determinate. In my free time, I enjoy reading poetry and emphasising how much I miss Spain’s sun. During my tenure as President of the BIPPA, I would like us to be a more inclusive and accessible association, and to foster regional communities of Philosophy postgraduates.


Zoe Waters (she/her): I’m a TA and PhD student at Newcastle University. My research explores how gendered modes of subjectivity have been constructed to uphold capitalist forms of dominance. I’m interested in Marxism, post-structuralism, feminism and phenomenology.

Democracy & Outreach Officers

David Chandler (he/him):  I’m an MPhilStud student at University College London, working on disparate topics in the philosophy of language, mathematics, and other related subjects. In particular, I am interested in the life and philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. I hope that in my role as one of the Democracy and Outreach Officers I can help to promote our efforts and get those who are unfamiliar involved as much as possible!

Labeeba Miah (she/her): I’m a Masters student at the University of Liverpool! My research interests include: Asian Philosophy, Indian & Chinese Philosophy, in particular, Social Philosophy, focusing on Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Sexuality & Feminist Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Psychiatry. I look forward to pursuing a PhD where I want to focus on my interest on the Ethics of Mental Health Support. I’m thrilled to be your D&O officer and help BIPPA to hear your voice!

Diversity & Inclusion Officers

Anna Milioni (she/her): Hi everyone, I’m a PhD student at King’s College London working on migration ethics. Before coming to London, I’ve lived and studied in Greece and Belgium. I strongly believe that academia should be accessible to all, regardless of gender, class, and ethnic origin, and I hope to contribute to that in my role as Diversity and Inclusion officer at the BPPA.

Jane Hannick (she/her): Hello all! I am an MA student at NUI Galway, currently researching the nature of dialogue in deliberative democracy. As a first-generation university student from a working-class background in the west of Ireland I understand some of the structural challenges that students can face accessing third level education, and I will endeavour to help address these challenges as best I can in my role as Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the BPPA.

Officer for the Republic of Ireland

Danielle Porter (she/her): Hello! I am a MA student at NUI Galway, who is researching contemplation in philosophy and the links it has to mysticism. As the Republic of Ireland Officer, I hope to bring more opportunities for students in Irish universities and their respective philosophy departments.

Transition Officer

Luca Dondoni (he/him): I’m a Keeling Doctoral Scholar at University College London, working on ancient metaphysics of mind. I was born and bred in Italy, where I did my undergraduate and postgrad taught studies, and, after a couple of years of travelling between Budapest, Durham, and Pavia, I joined the London philosophical community. As an international student myself, I am committed to using all the tools available to the Transition Officer of the BPPA to help fellow students make informed choices about their postgraduate degrees — assisting them along the whole application process, from entry requirements to funding.