QUB Philosophy Seminar Series

The BIPPA would like to bring your attention to the Queen’s University Belfast Philosophy Seminar Series for the autumn term 2022-2023. We are always delighted to see rich initiatives that bring together academics and students from all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The QUB Seminar Series is definitely one of those. We encourage everyone to attend, and especially postgraduate students—most of talks are accessible online, through Microsoft Teams. For more information, as well as for the link to the different talks, email Suzanne Whitten (suzanne.whitten@qub.ac.uk).  We include a lineup of the talks, as well as information on which ofContinue readingQUB Philosophy Seminar Series

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Our New Blog

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association is looking for submissions to publish on our new blog! We are looking for posts that present philosophy to a broader audience in an accessible manner. The goal is to help authors present their work and to get feedback, both from philosophers and from those who are otherwise interested in the topic. Posts should not be written in an overly technical manner, though if such terms are used, they should be clearly explained. The topic should be of interest to a wide range of philosophers, as well as to an informed non-academic audience. There isContinue readingOur New Blog