BIPPA Annual Conference and Masterclass 2022

As announced, BIPPA celebrated their Annual Conference and Masterclass at University College Dublin on 11th and 12th November 2022. It was an exciting event, with the presence of distinguished keynote speakers and a fantastic lineup of graduate talks on identity, race and gender. We are extremely grateful to UCD for their warm welcome, and to our sponsors (the Royal Institute of Philosophy and the Society for Applied Philosophy) for their essential support. Needless to say, we look forward to the conference next year!

IPS 2023 Spring Seminar Series – Call for expressions of interest

The Irish Philosophical Society (IPS) is organising again their established Spring Seminar Series for the year 2023. The call for expressions of interest is now open. At the moment, the IPS is mostly collecting interests from philosophy students (both undergraduate and PG level) who’d like to participate. The seminar does not limit to any sub-discipline in Philosophy, so any research topic in Philosophy is welcomed. The registration procedure as well as the presentation program will be confirmed with the speakers as the next steps.    Students at any level are welcome to participate. Any student interested in delivering a talk should email or,Continue readingIPS 2023 Spring Seminar Series – Call for expressions of interest